Who am I

Hey guys, I’m Pera Barrett.

I run the Wellington Shoebox Christmas project, I rap under the stage name Percieve, I’m a bank manager, and every now and then I write stories. I also write letters to my daughter pretty often, with the¬†thoughts I think are worth wrapping up and reading to her later. The ones I think are really worth sharing, I publish on www.beingherdad.com.

Shoebox Christmas is about getting Christmas presents to kids in Wellington that go to school in low socio economics are are therefore exposed to the kinds of things that hang around low

I also run the Stationery Starter Packs project which creates and delivers schoolbags to kids starting college that could do with a hand. The bags are filled with¬†the stationery they need for their first year at ‘big kids school’.

I made this page because I was tired of putting all the above in my signature as links.

If you want to know anything else just drop me an email.

Talk soon,